Olivia's BLT List

Olivia loves BLT's. She ate her first one at the Fairlane Diner as a guest of her good friend, E. and her mom. Little did she know that to date the Fairlane's BLT would be the gold standard.

She's since eaten many of those sandwiches at the Fairlane; we have fallen in love with the tiny breakfast and lunch spot. Since no one can eat BLT's at just one restaurant, Olivia began branching out.

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area or the Jersey Shore, and are dying for a BLT, tuck Olivia's list in your back pocket!

Olivia's BLT List

1. Fairlane Grill (Erdenheim, PA). All parts of the sandwich are always perfect.
2. The Village Diner (Glenside, PA).  Great, but just not quite as good as the Fairlane.
3. Down Home Diner (Center City, Philadelphia).  Tastes just like a normal BLT.
4. More Than Just Ice Cream (Center City, Philadelphia). Almost perfect, but too much lettuce.
5. George's Place (Cape May, NJ). Just didn't taste quite as good.
6. Valarie's Place (Sea Isle City, NJ). Only had the teeniest slice of tomato.
7. Rollers Expresso (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia). Soggy and smushed together.
8. Bruno's Restaurant (Lafayette Hill, PA). The toast was burned.
9. Trolley Car Diner (Mt. Airy, Philadelphia). The bacon was bacon but it didn't taste like bacon.


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