Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HBinFive July 1st Bread Bread

When we left for Cape May it was strawberry and rhubarb season.

We returned two weeks later to blueberries. In between, we were lucky to find black raspberries.

So, I made blueberry bread for our Whole Wheat Mixed Berry Bread assignment. I couldn't bring myself to buy frozen berries at this time of year, despite the author's comments that this bread is best with frozen.

I'm not sure what frozen berries would have contributed here other than turning the bread purple, which some of you did not like about this recipe. With the fresh berries, this dough was perfectly manageable to work with and was not wet and sticky like it would have been with the frozen.

My bread in looks and taste made me think of raisin bread, but with blueberries instead of raisins. I had some dough left to make a few muffins, and I let O. have these spread with leftover cream cheese icing. She really liked this bread plain and with the icing.

I've been enjoying it as buttered toast, but this recipe confuses me a little. I think the bread could be a little sweeter, so it has more of an identity. If it needs honey butter, than why not just make the bread a little richer and sweeter?


  1. Im with you on this one...it needed to be sweeter. I think the wheat flavor over powers a lot of the added flavors at times. Especially the fruits. Your loaf is beautiful :)

  2. I was disappointed in this bread and thought it should have had more berry taste especially since I used about double the amount of fresh berries.

    I should have tried it toasted, I bet that made a big difference in the taste.

    Love the idea of using blackberries, makes such a pretty loaf of bread!

  3. I agree with you on all counts. I was very disappointed with this bread. My family hated it. It did need an identity and some kind of flavor. However, that said, your loaf is lovely.

  4. Great looking bread! And good to know that your bread came out great with the fresh berries!

  5. My suspicion is that the whole wheat alters the flavor profile of the fruit somehow. But your bread looks beautiful and it is good to know about using fresh fruit.

  6. Your bread looks beautiful! I agree that this one could've used more flavor.

  7. Really pretty bread!

    I agree with you on the flavor. I think the other ingredients have to work hard to show thru the whole wheat. I even used white whole wheat!

  8. What a pretty loaf of bread, but I agree, this bread could have been sweeter. It was good toasted with peanut butter.



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