Thursday, September 30, 2010

HBinFive October 1st Bread Braid

It's been a sweet, rich week. Our HBinFive assignments involved three recipes using brioche dough of our choice.

I chose Whole Wheat Brioche dough. My dough was a little light on the whole wheat because I didn't check my pantry supplies until I was ready to mix my ingredients together. I substituted half the white whole wheat flour called for with bread flour. In the end I really liked this ratio, and might consider doing it again.

Not knowing if I should decrease the vital wheat gluten, I put in the full amount. My dough rose all the way to the top of my bucket! There seemed to be no problems in baking, however.

First I made the Honey Caramel Sticky Nut Buns, which were incredibly good. Again, not planning ahead, I realized that I had used nearly all my honey for the dough itself, so I used all brown sugar in the filling. To keep this recipe daughter-friendly, I omitted the nuts and raisins, and used 1 cup of cinnamon chips sprinkled over the brown sugar-butter filling.

These sticky buns were so buttery, sugary and cinnamon-y. The chips melted and fused with the spreadable filling. These are dangerous to have around! I could barely keep my hands away.

The Pear Tarte Tatin was a surprise. It came together in a way I didn't expect. The caramel was very juicy after I baked the tart and flipped it out of the pan. I expected the crust to be soggy because of this, but it wasn't. I found this tart to be delicious--and good for breakfast, too.

I was a little frustrated, however, with the recipe which called to roll out 1/2 pound of dough to fit over the pan before baking to make the crust. I did this and then realized that it was not enough dough. I started over using a pound of dough, which was more than enough, but I tucked the extra over like the photos demonstrated. Fortunately I still had plenty of dough, or I would have been mad!

With my final dough, I decided to use my brioche pan and make a loaf. No photo to show as we dove right into it this morning for breakfast!


  1. Your rolls and tart[e] look great. Bet the cinnamon chips were good. A half pound worked OK for me, but it was a pretty thin crust.

  2. They look good, I bypassed the tarte and made extra donuts. You have given me the confidence to revisit this dough and have a go at the tarte.

  3. Your Tarte Tatin and Sticky Buns look lovely. I need to make those doughnuts next.

  4. Cinnamon chips sound really good. Your Tarte Tatin looked to die for.

  5. My Pear Tarte Tatin was really juicy too when I first inverted it. I had to take a spatula and move it to another serving dish. But I did not follow the recipe for the glaze...I never follow recipes for glaze! But my husband had no problem licking up the extra juicy glaze!

    Love the idea of the substituting chocolate chips for the nuts in the Sticky Buns.

    BTW, the Pumpkin Pie Brioche made wonderful French Toast!

  6. I really enjoyed the Pear Tarte Tatin as well. I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a good thing I haven't made the other breads yet or I wouldn't be able to walk. ;)

  7. Good idea to substitute cinnamon chips. My husband doesn't like nuts in desserts either. I ran out of honey too in the middle of the pear tarte. The pear tarte was our favorite.



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