Friday, August 10, 2012

The Gift of an Evening Out

The other evening Olivia and Michael excitedly drove off with friends to a Phillies game.  The minute they left, I cleaned up the kitchen, fed the pups, made myself dinner to eat out on the porch with my canine company, watching the time near the hour before sunset.

I gave myself the gift of a photo outing without the worries of feeling that I have left Michael to do all the dish washing and after-dinner chores.  I hopped in the car and drove to a different part of the neighborhood to see what this August evening offered.

I found flowers and twinkling lights along fences.  A funny combination on tree-lined streets at that hour, when the sky in more open areas is pink, lavender and gold, and lights would yet be needed


  1. photography time gifts are the best -

  2. i love that you gifted yourself with an evening of photography. yay for you!

  3. what a beautiful gift to yourself. Last weekend I took a whole day for a similar gift... felt a little guilty but the family managed with out me after all.Good for you!!!

  4. A beautiful gift to give yourself!



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