Monday, October 15, 2012

Garden Party

I will invite New Girl back to my garden next summer.  She was a good producer.  These are the last of her fruit for the season, as yesterday I pulled her up.

She may invite herself back, however, as seems many of my plants do.  Yellow Pear tomatoes, Brandywine, celosia, cilantro and watermelon all decided my garden was a good spot to hang, and planted themselves this year.  It's not a recipe for a tidy garden to let unknowns sprout and trail this way and that and down stone walls, but the surprises do provide a bit of fun.

My zinnia's are quite obedient, however, and only come up where I have planted them that season. They have kept my vases full since July, and they provide relative order to my reluctant open-house garden party.

Hearing my complaints, my friend N. said, "you can pull things up."  Saying no to another bud to water has never been my strong suit. 


  1. "Saying no to another bud to water has never been my strong suit."
    I am with you Clarice!! ..and if you can believe it - some store bought cherry tomatoes, that spilled from a dropped grocery bag into the rock garden last winter and left for the squirrels to enjoy, happily sprouted this summer! I love surprise visitors...and what is wrong with having tomatoe plants in a rock garden anyway?

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my verse to garlic on Ms. Becky's site. It looks like you have a nice site too.
    I have a rather shaded garden. So I stop at farmers markets for produce when I can. I used my last green tomatoes chopped up in a homemade vegetable soup.

    Cheers, Jules



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