Monday, September 30, 2013


The leaves are still strongly attached to their branches in our parts.  Little by little, though, if you look carefully, the tops of the trees are turning, and a few leaves scatter the ground.

This could have more to do with the fact that we've had two days of rain this month.  Nearly every day has boasted blue skies and warm, sunny days.


I spent the weekend clearing out, changing over closets, ordering boots.  We ate lunches outside on the patio, and I planted the last of the lettuce seeds until spring.  I bought a watermelon and two pints of raspberries at the farmer's market. 

Our pumpkin sits fat and whole on the porch.  Olivia and a friend discussed Halloween costumes while they helped me make brownies.

The Phillies played their last game of the season, and we ate dinner while watching Sunday night football. 

I could stay in this half and half place a long time.  It feels leisurely, a stretching out of time before we're really in the rustling and simmering.  I have time to prepare.


  1. Gorgeous- I can almost hear them crunching underfoot :)

  2. That second capture is fabulous! Love! I'm cleaning out closets too and ordering boots!

  3. fall is such a short season in my parts...and it gives way to the looooongest season of all. lovely shots!!!

  4. i love the second capture, too. :)

    your post reminds me of home. where else can we sit in leisure and comfort and ease but inside our home? lovely words.



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