Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HBinFive November 15th Bread Braid Part One

I'm pacing myself with our two pastries for this assignment, considering that this may be the third time I've made some type of brioche in the past month. While I don't normally mention such things here, my scale is sounding the alarm bell.

I started with the Pistachio Twist, playing it safe after my disappointment with the Pumpkin Brioche, and used the brioche dough from ABinFive (it's one of my favorite dough's).

My Co-Op does not sell shelled pistachios, and I was surprised how long it took me to shell enough to get a cup, finely ground.

The only change I made to the filling was to use orange flavor instead of orange blossom water. It is an organic, orange-infused oil. A little goes a long way, and I used a 1/2 tsp.

Husband and I have this Pistachio Twist all to ourselves (now the scale is sounding a double-alarm). I tortured him by taking this out of the oven early Sunday evening, but telling him that he couldn't have any that evening or for breakfast the next morning because I wouldn't be able to photograph it until late Monday morning. I think it was one of the first things he asked about when he came home Monday evening. He even tried some before dinner, noting how I had already had a large piece.

I enjoyed making this and am definitely enjoying eating it. My brioche dough will be good until Thursday, when I'll be trying Pinwheels. The Twist will probably be gone by then.

I'd say I've got this pacing thing down.


  1. Your twist is much prettier than mine! Nice job, though I do not think it was very kind to make the mister wait so long!

  2. I really like the twisted shape and am going to put that in my ToDo file!

    Funny, that you made your husband wait to try out the bread! My husband does not dare touch anything until I take my photos!

  3. Great job on your bread! I can't believe your husband waited - the majority of the time my bread doesn't even cool down before my husband cuts a piece!

  4. Good looking twist! I like the way the slice on the plate is curled up so much and has lots of filling in it. My husband always wants to cut right into the sweet doughs I make. I usually make breads in the late afternoons on weekdays and when he comes home from work he's VERY hungry.

  5. I might have to back track and do this the twist looks great and I love pistashios. I am with you Michelle NOTHING is to be touched until I have taken photos :



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