Friday, November 19, 2010

HBinFive November 15th Bread Braid Part II

I am here today, as promised, with the second part of our assignment. I made Fruit-Filled Pinwheels with my ABinFive Brioche dough.

This was a cheerful task, these pastries being so pretty and whimsical. I can almost see them spinning! I am not really a pastry person, so making these pinwheels delighted me, much the way our crescents did back in the Spring.

These were easy, both on the mind and the spirit. I made them while cooking dinner, albeit a simple one. We needed to think light because O. got bottom braces yesterday, 8 of them, and I wanted to make something that she could eat.

She did alright this morning. We cut one in half, and with a fork, over the course of about 30 minutes, she managed to slowly make her way through a pinwheel! Thumbs up from all of us on this end. I felt like I was eating a bakery-made Danish, but better. Oh, and I used this strawberry jam.


  1. Great pinwheels, they puffed nicely.

  2. Your pinwheels look wonderful! Strawberry jam is my favorite. It looks like powdered sugar on one side of the pinwheel, which made me think that these would be good with a dusting of powdered sugar after coming out of the oven.



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